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E85 - Flex Fuel Vehicles

Flexible fuel vehicles—also called "flex fuel" vehicles or FFVs—are vehicles that can run on either of two fuels yet use only one fuel tank. Throughout the world, the most prevalent FFVs are those that can run on gasoline or E85, or a mix of the two. Brazil and the U.S. have the most FFVs and a wide variety of vehicles can be purchased as FFVs at no cost increase to the buyer!

While gasoline in the United States is purchased as E10, you can also find pure gasoline. In a similar way, there is some variation as to how much ethanol can be in the E85 blend depending on several factors. This will range from 51% to 83% and is optimized primarily for seasonal vehicle operation. E85 should only be used in ethanol-capable FFVs.

The below links provide more information about the fuel, available vehicles, and more.

B20 - Biodiesel Vehicles

Biodiesel can essentially be used in blends of B5-B20 in any diesel vehicle! To expound a bit, here's the National Biodiesel Board's (NBB's) initial introduction to biodiesel from their Website:

"Biodiesel is a renewable, clean-burning diesel replacement that is reducing U.S. dependence on foreign petroleum, creating jobs and improving the environment. Made from a diverse mix of feedstocks including recycled cooking oil, soybean oil, and animal fats, it is the first and only EPA-designated Advanced Biofuel in commercial-scale production across the country and the first to reach 1 billion gallons of annual production. Meeting strict technical fuel quality and engine performance specifications, it can be used in existing diesel engines without modification and is covered by all major engine manufacturers’ warranties, most often in blends of up to 5 percent or 20 percent biodiesel. It is produced at plants in nearly every state in the country."

Additionally, here are some links to learn more about biodiesel if you'd like to run it in your diesel vehicle!