The I-75 Green Corridor MAP

The map below shows all of the E85 or B20 stations we have added along I-75 through the project - click on the stations for more information! All stations should be within 3 miles of I-75, except for locations that are along a detour (these includes interstates around several cities and the entire Florida Turnpike covering most of Florida) or are a connector, or where station owners requested special consideration.

It is an embedded Google map - you can grab it and move around inside that window, double-click and zoom in or out. It is updated as we add stations.

At the bottom of the map are links to a) view the map in a larger window via Google Maps, and b) view all of the B20 or E85 stations that are within 3 miles of I-75 anywhere along it's 1,786-mile length.

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